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First off I’m not sure about the start date so I picked the date that I know for sure it was going on. We would have been together 5 years this January instead on September 29, 2014 he came home from work and told me”it’s not you, it’s me…I’ve changed and I’m not happy”. I asked him if he had someone else and he swore on his parents graves (both his parents passed away this year) that there was no one and that he just needed a few days to get his head straight. It’s been 3 weeks and of course I know differently now. || The woman he left me for is the secretary at (removed) Property Management where he has worked for the past 2 years. She knew we were together. She is EVERYTHING he always said he hated in a woman. She is 42 years old and parties like she just turned 21. He used to tell me that she was a druggy and would sleep with anything that walked. He used to tell me that he wouldn’t even shake her hand because he didn’t know what he would catch from her. Now he tells me that she is everything he has ever wanted and that hes happy. I can not understand how he could do this to us. He always told me that I was everything he ever wanted and that the best day of his life was the day he met me and I showed him what a good woman is truly like. I gave that man my whole heart and soul and he destroyed it like it never meant anything. || I have also recently discovered that parts of his family knew what was going on and still looked me in the face everyday, but didn’t say anything. What kind of people do that. The worse part is that I still love him and have no clue how to stop. Only the last picture has Gregory in it, all the others with men are different men.

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