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My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We have two beautiful children. Ages 2 and 4. December of 2012 My husband moved out to Hoyt, Kansas because we were in a financial crisis and he had a Job lined up there through a family member. The plan was for him to get settled in at the job. Save money, move the kids and I out. Well a good couple months went by. And the distance and tune was getting to us. Making us fight. And we were having a really hard time. This started in January a month after he left. But wet never separated or divorced. We were together. Just far apart. Struggling through the distance.A little background on ms. Loretta, she grew up with my husband. She was one of his sister’s best friends. According to my husband, she always had a crush on him. Well she would constantly friend request my husband on Facebook. He would deny her. She would request him again. … until I sent her a pm telling her to leave my husband alone!Well when she found out my husband moved out to Kansas -alone and without me she snuck right in acting like she was just trying to be friendly. I read her fb messages to my husband. … wow. She got her slut on pretty quick. Making very forward comments about how long since she’s had sex and flying out to Kansas to have sex with my husband…. disgusting. She would like every post and photo he added to his Facebook. So finally I sent her a pm (not knowing he was talking to HER) and I told her we were still together. Etc. Well. … May 2013 after I sent that message she flew out to Hoyt Kansas to spend the weekend with my husband and slept in his bed and tried to get him to have sex with her… He felt disgusting, sent her home and called me. I flew out. And now I live here with my husband. And our children.Heres the kicker! She acted like she was innocent. Still does. She says”I was under the impression you were filing for divorce” after I told her we were still together. … she is no victim. She is a homewrecker. And she needs to be blasted for the world to see. Also, she put on her Facebook she traveled to Hoyt, Kansas …. so she has it for the public to see that she visited a married man… I asked it be removed. … and she won’t. So since she is so ok with blasting the fact she slept with a married man… let it be blasted!Juicy details of the night. ….. || Her and my husband got drunk together. He went to bed. She climbed her fat ass into my husband bed and said”you’re not going to sleep are you. I told you I was flying out to have sex with you” then she removed her own pants… had my husband climb on top of her. He tried to put a condom on. But he couldn’t get hard. But he put it on anyway. He said he tried to squish it in. And it went in trashy easy because she is nasty. But he couldn’t get fully hard. So he apologized. Then she got pissed And huffed. He got dressed. And turned away to go to sleep. And she stayed in his bed all night. The next morning he took her to the airport. She tried to be slick and leave her pants at his house. When I got there we ripped them up. And I kid you not… they smelled like nasty armpits!! Then we burned them. … she still denies that she is a homewrecker. BUT he and I are still married. .. have been for 5 years. …. She needs a wake up call.

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