Lorenzo Sandavol Ageless Karate North Las Vegas Nevada


Complaint: Made it seem like we were required to buy all this year even though we didn’t receive all the gear he took our money charged us $350 for a bag of gear that’s maybe worth 125 which we didn’t realize till we got the gear he overcharges you every month it doesn’t show up for classes students teach the class while he’s out running around with his girlfriend very immature business owner all we want is our money back for the gear our son had to be retrained at a new school because of the lack of training he received that Ageless Karate it’s a shame that he had to start all over from a white belt he was actually put in a red belt from Ageless karate no one even heard of a red belt in karate I don’t know what Lorenzo Sandoval is doing but he needs to give it up get a day job and going back to helping his mother in Home Health , the last time we were in his dojo he had no running water no one can use the bathroom sister Joan is for kids babies preschoolers if you want your child to go to a real school don’t go there

Tags: Martial Arts

Address: 8190 South Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Website: agelesskarate.com/


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