Lorena Ramirez Long Beach, California California


I’m putting this slut on blast simply because I recently found out that she is still using my last name as hers on Facebook and Instagram street bring told repeatedly to remove it. So since she isn’t ashamed of using the last name of the family she broke up then I will expose her story. || This happened back in 2012 right into 2013. I had been married with my husband for ten years, been with him sixteen years and expecting our fourth child. She met him in the city where he works long beach. He claims that from the beginning he told her he was married. Obviously, that didn’t matter to either one and the dog gave into this slut regardless, so whether or not she knew before I found out and called her to thank her for ruining my marriage and breaking up my family I’m sure she had an idea. I knew he was cheating when he would claim to be working over time. Besides he never gave her his cell number because he knew I would’ve found out even sooner so they would talk through an app called Voxer. I found the messages they would send each other on his phone, she would write about” how quickly they fucked” the night before and her Facebook had her cover picture setup with pictures of them together. They would go to local bars, strip clubs and hotels. She lived at her mom’s home when they met. This is a single mother that works at a Wal-Mart. I messaged her and told her when I found out and till this day she sports my last name as if she was proud of what she’s done. She walked away like nothing claiming her feelings hurt. Not only that, my loser husband told me everything about the affair so I know just how filthy she is. || In the end they both lost because she didn’t get him, he had no intentions of staying with her and I’m through with him. Well now payback is a bitch because everyone will know what a homewrecker this whore is. Only a psycho keeps the last name of the married man she was screwing almost two years after the affair ended.

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By Ronald

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