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This little sloth gem has the audacity to give my child Halloween candy, sit at our table for their company Christmas party and even take photos with me. Per the weeks worth of conversation between her and my husband, it appears this had been going on for some time at least 2 years. I completely understand that my husband has every part to play in all of this, I’m sure she wasn’t his first, she just so happened to be the cunt that bit the bait this time around. She must now face all of the consequences, I can only hope she holds herself accountable, I would hate wasting paper copying their conversations and posting it on every car in their work parking lot. #savethetrees. I’m angry! Really couldn’t she at least be prettier than I am! || 8 years down the drain, I hope one of them has a good explanation when our 2yr old ask: Where’s daddy? And wonders why she doesn’t see her older brothers anymore. Honey if he does it with you he will do it to you. …oh and the ex who shes trying to get back with, yeah I’ve tracked him down lets see how he feels about all of this. So as they walk by each other at work and steal glances, I hope she’s ready for the wild ride life is about to take. HAVE HIM HES 35 WITH 2 DIVORCES 3 KIDS 2 CRAZY BABYMAMAS AND NO POT TO PISS IN.

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By Ronald

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