Lorena Caulderon Beyoda – Queens, New York New York


This ****e is the dirtiest mother of two I have ever met. She is a stripper at bishop corner in Bridgeport Connecticut, as her whore name she goes by the name of “Ashley” She lives in elm hurst queens with her two innocent children and husband. She has been having an affair with my ex husband since 2014. she is into drugs and voodoo and has destroyed my marriage due to her sickness and how she uses him for her addiction to sex and drugs. she has no respect for herself and she is the worst s**t in the history of womanhood. She cares nothing about families and she tries to destroy everyone’s husband because she has such a bad life she is a dirty species of a human. She continues to text and call my ex and has no identify of her own. she has made my life hell with all the things she done to get him to finally leave home. She has taken all his money and he has neglected to pay his own bills at home. She is a scumbag just like him and thank god I no longer have any dealing with them, she is 38 years old, she should know better. I have never met such a low piece of crap of a person in my whole life. So please if you come across this, please keep your husbands away from her real far, she is a home wrecker and a dirty undocumented alien who wants only married older man to support and take care of her nasty drinking and drug abuse. She is the devil child and I feel sorry for her kids who have her for a mother. it is a shame.

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By Ronald

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