Loreli Lawrence Rapid City, South Dakota South Dakota


I’ve so had it with this bitch! My man has known her for quite a while and they fucked around when we were split up last year….but he wanted me to come back and work shit out with him so I did and things were great. Then he started pulling this crap where he wasn’t coming home at night….making excuses…never home even when he wasn’t working. Leaving me at home with our kids all the time…. so I get on his FB one night and this bitch had sent him a message saying”call me” and left her number…I wrote it down and that’s where shit started. He saved it in his phone as”L”…pretty shady. Then he got home one day and there was a sticker on his window for the national black hills parks and I looked on her FB and she had posted about how she had such a great day going out to breakfast and took an awesome hike in the hills and how shit was looking up in her life. He said ya he went hiking and acted like I was over reacting. Then he went out and refused to tell me where he was or who he was with and in the morning I find he had rented a $140.00 hotel room on MY bank card! I blew up her FB and the shit she said back to me confirmed they had been spending time together and that she had every intention to pursue him and keep him…calling me a miserable person and saying I’ve been mooching of him! || After all this shit my man still said he never cheated on me and had never planned on it and that he had NEVER been in to her like that….he deleted her off his FB and out of his phone. So I thought maybe it was over…… Wrong. A week or so ago I check this bitches FB and she posted these pics of the aquarium in Denver and said how her and her daughter had a great get away….meanwhile my man is supposed to be in Wyoming checking out a job and what the f**k do I see???!?! In the corner of one of her pics is an arm and it looks just like my man’s arm and has the SAME F**KING TATTOOS! I lost it….I threw his shit outta the house and told him he wasn’t welcome here anymore. Turns out he was meeting up with a contractor about a roofing job and because they know the same people he had called her and a couple other people too and they all met up there…he said he avoided her the best he could…..she F**KING took a pic with him in it on purpose. He has still been trying to make shit right with me. And this Loreli Lawrence bitch?? I went to (removed) where she works and got lucky getting her as my waitress….. so I left her 2 cents on a napkin (posted in pics). || If you reading this bitch…..I better not catch you talking, looking, thinking or hanging out with MY man ever again or you’re gonna have a whole shit ton of”occupational” complications that will solve my problems for good!!! Best know I mean that shit!

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By Ronald

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