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An open letter to a Ms. Lonni Alaimo of Newburyport: || Dear Lonni,I can’t lie: my first instinct is to call you out for being a scum-sucking, bottom-feeding, home-wrecking whore. I want to tell you that you are an ugly, fat, selfish cunt. The kind that guys are interested when they are drunk and want a wet hole, but not the kind that guys buy flowers for or tell their friends about. But I’m pretty sure you already know that about yourself. And honestly, I feel bad for you.What kind of a woman goes after a taken man? One with no self-respect. One who feels so shitty about who she is and what she’s worth that she needs the temporary ‘fix’ of thinking that she’s so irresistible that a man would break the bonds of his relationship to be with her. And so she throws herself around, as sexual bait, trying time and again to feel valued or important. But I’ve got news for you girl, it won’t work. First of all, guys don’t cheat because you are so hot they can’t help themselves. They cheat because of anxieties, apprehensions, or immaturities, all relating to the primary relationship (the woman they go home to, and the woman they are actually afraid of, or afraid of being in love with). If you were such hot shit girl, you’d have your own man (or your choice of men) and not be slutting around for some other woman’s sloppy seconds. Think about it. All you’ve succeeded in doing is being a cum-receptacle, much like a used up and thrown away condom or a nasty ass tissue on the floor. Really. Is that what you think of yourself? Cause guess what? That’s what he thinks of you.”Nothing” he called you.”She means NOTHING. I DON’T EVEN LIKE HER.” Ouch. Not”I couldn’t help myself.” Not”I want to see other people.” Not even”She’s a friend. It just happened.” He said you were”NOTHING”. That hurt a little? Just a sting? Welcome to my world. Not exactly the self-esteem booster you were after, I’m sure.Am I in denial about the fact that it takes two to tango? F**k, no. I wasn’t born yesterday. But right now I’m talking to YOU, woman to woman. You, a woman who knowingly, willfully and intentionally got into bed with another woman’s man. You know as well as I do that there is an unspoken code among women, all women. You broke it. You disrespected yourself as cheap, easy, a throw-away, you showed your blatant disrespect for ALL relationships (other women beware, you now know she doesn’t respect relationships, so don’t color yourself surprised when she comes sniffing around your house), you showed your disrespect for men as cowardly, weak, and easily led and WORST OF ALL you disrespected other women. Your sisters. Your mother, aunts, cousins, friends and daughters. For each one of them who has ever been cheated on, ever been betrayed, YOU ARE THE BETRAYER. You are the whore. You make women look bad and trust each other just a little bit less. || Your actions said”Fuck you, me first” loud and clear to the whole world. And as much as you may not have ‘meant’ to hurt anyone, as much as you may not have ‘meant’ for anything so far-reaching to transpire, it did. And you did. And at the end of the day, your decisions define you. You are what you do. Nothing more, nothing less. From one woman to another, here’s hoping you make a better one next time.

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