Longitude Capsules Panama City FL Review


Longitude Capsules nThey’re advisement clearly states longitude capsules will increase your p***s size 1-3 inches in growth. I have been taking these pills for at least 5 months and no growth what so ever has occured during that time period. Also, when I tried to cancel or better yet, get my money back, their costumer service line was always busy. nI don’t know what’s the deal, but this company stinks as in something might be going on; However, I’m not trying to accuse anybody. I see now that p***s pills are good products to scam people out of their money because every guy in the world wants a bigger p***s. I don’t know if they scammed me, but I do know that this product didn’t work for me and I want my money back! nBernardonPanama City, Florida

www.longitudecapsules.com Internet U.S.A.

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