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Upon arrival to the R&R cabin we noticed immediately how the cabin was not properly cleaned. The deck/furniture was completely covered in pollen. The floors were dirty. The bathroom toilets had scum rings. The sinks contained bugs. There was no soap to wash your hands. We are no means “neat freaks”” but for $165 night

it should be more presentable than it was. We were not informed that you need 4×4 vehicle to exit the property up the steep gravel road. It took several attempts to get up the hill. We may have caused severe damage to our car. We notified management after our stay our concerns. I’ll paraphrase their reply. The NEW 4 person cleaning crew thoroughly cleaned the property the DAY before our arrival and we were making all this up to have our cleaning fee returned. I was shocked. I guess the old slogan should be changed from “”the customer is always right”” to “”the customer is just lying.”” nRedtornadonatlanta


Ellijay, Georgia U.S.A.


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By Ronald

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