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Complaint: I had a LogMeIn account for $69.95. After 2 years, they took out $70 on the auto renewal. I could live with a 5 cent increase but on the next auto renewal, they took out $149 – they did this with no notification and no authorization. I called my bank (Citibank) and they credited the $149 back to my account. Then Citibank went to LogMeIn to find out if it was fraud. LogMeIn challenged it and said they have the right to auto renew since they have my account number. Citibank then reversed the credit and recharged my account. And, there are no refunds from LogMeIn once a charge has been made so I will never get my money back. THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW AGAINST A COMPANY BEING ABLE TO CHARGE MORE THAN THE AMOUNT SIGNED UP FOR. Looking online there are others who have had the same experience – some being charged up to $1400!

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Address: 320 Summer Street Boston, Massachusetts USA

Website: secure.logmein.com/home/en

Phone: (781) 638-9050

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