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Complaint: I found and followed on Twitter this company, Local Video Marketing, because they claim they can help Florida businesses and I am in Florida. They advertised a free social media marketing course so I signed up. I immediately recognized the course as one I had paid for on Udemy months prior. I said and did nothing about it. After the course was completed they emailed me and asked for my opinion and I told them I knew the videos were stolen. I merely told them that it was not cool to steal from other people. The owner, Dennis Chighisola, replied by insulting me personally. He claimed that my ego is too large to follow him on social media. He then proceeded to list out all his fabulous video editing and producing credentials while calling me an egomaniac. I responded to let him know they probably shouldn’t claim to be social media experts when they have 75 followers on Twitter and 800 on Insgtagram. I let him know I’ve built 3 instagrams that have 5000 followers after 3 weeks and that maybe he could learn something from me. I also let him know his websites are garbage. This guy responds with legal threats. Beware! These people clearly do not know what they are doing. They steal materials from everyone else and resubmit it as though they own it. Steer clear of this company.

Tags: Social Media Purchases

Address: United States

Website: localvideo.us/


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