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This company claims to be a reseller of timeshare properties. If you have a timeshare already listed for sale through another means, they find it and have a “buyer”” call you and make you an offer (usually quite high — too good to be true!)

then the “”buyer”” has you contact their “”representative”” at LMP. It all sounds very legit — they send you documents with the buyer’s information

a letter stating that the buyer has been pre-approved for the sale amount

and a contract stating that each party is to wire 20% of the purchase price for a security deposit to be held in escrow; if either party backs out

the other party keeps the entire security deposit. The scam is that the company that they want you to wire the deposit to is not a title company or escrow company at all. In a weeks’ time LMP gave me 3 different names and account numbers to wire the deposit to. I couldn’t verify the existence of any of them as a title or escrow company

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By Ronald

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