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I was hired by L&J in March of 2015 as an over-the-road truck driver. The first unusual thing they did was force me to pay for my own bus ticket from Nashville, TN to Raliegh, NC. They said they would reimburse me for the ticket if I stayed with them for three months. I have never experienced this in almost twenty years of trucking, and I had originally advertised myself as a homeless veteran with a spotless CDL and no crimianl record seeking employment with a reliable trucking company as an otr driver. My first trip from Clayton, NC to Scottsdale, AZ, I had to run illegally, against DOT regualtions, because of mechanical issues with the truck, and because L&J refuses to give directions to shippers and receivers, consignees, and still expects the freight to arrive on-time. Nevertheless, all of my loads were picked-up and delivered on time. Primarily because I was financially desperate and L&J knew this because of my homelessness. After approximately two months of perfect performance, they told me, upon resigning that I could rehire at any time, I began to develop health problems and was constrained to resign. I was told that I was owed approximately $2200 and that I would be payed the following week by check. A few days later, I emailed Joseph Stalnaker, the director of safety, to request that he send my check to a new address, and he said that he would. Two days later, he emailed me telling me that my logbooks were incomplete and that I wouldn’t be paid until they were corrected. I then reminded him that the pay had been legally earned, and that it could not be withheld unless I had damaged equipment and/or freight, and I advised him that I would contact the Pennsylvania wage and hour division and hire an attorney, if I was not paid what I was owed. He emailed back stating that my check had been mailed to the address that I had given him. In the end, my check was sent to an old address and it was short over $1000. He, Robert Morgan (owner), Lonnie Goodrich, Chris Fry and Joseph Kearse have refused to take responsibility for paying me what I am owed. So not only have they stolen my wages, but commited extortion by commitng an illegal act, withholding my pay, and attempting to force me to travel back from Nashville to Pottstown, PA to revise the log books, a legal act. It is illegal to withhold pay unless it can be shown that the employee owes money to the company for some legitimate reason. If this were not the case, no one would get payed, as any excuse would suffice not to pay them. Robert Morgan is a mult-millioaire and a thief. He makes his living on the backs of the poor. Don’t work for him. .

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