Livia Oliveira – Nanny Homewrecker Virginia


Livia Oliveira from Goiana Brazil started sexting my boyfriend of six years on his work phone last summer while she was living in northern Virginia. He left a flyer with her for his lawn care sales job for the doctors she nannies for and lived with. She told him she just moved from Brazil 2 wks before and didn’t know anybody and then began sending nude pics and videos of herself among other things. She also invited my boyfriend over for sex one morning when the kids were at a drs appt since she cant drive and I was at work. They’re both stupid and got caught. She should not be allowed to care for or near children esp. after bringing strangers into the house. She’s since been fired from her nanny position in Lorton, VA and had to move in with her aunt in Atlanta, GA where I’m sure she’s still doing the same things. She pretends to be religious but it’s an act and she’a slore. I called her on the phone and the bitch pretends she can’t speak or understand english but it’s also another act and she has no problem at all especially when she’s sexting other people’s boyfriends/husbands. She’s pretending to be innocent but is a liar and just straight up trash trying to get pregnant so she can stay here in the US. Nothing happened cause I found out about her due to their stupidity and both my boyfriend and her have found out that karma is a b1tch. If you’re looking for a nanny stay away from her unless you want your marriage or relationship destroyed and your children in danger from strangers being brought into the home while you’re not there. Just a warning since she likes to get around.

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By Ronald

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