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When I was doing internet with my Apple laptop in London, a error message showed up and it told me that my computer is in danger and I need to call 020 3695 9686 immediately. | I called the number and a guy who speaks English quickly with accent responded. | He introduced himself as Adam Lee and gave him his details below. | ——————– | ADAM LEE | EXT NUMBER: 2302 | TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1-800-404-9199 | 1-800-404-9204 | Emp Id :A862 | Custmer ID: | LIVE PC FIX ( NETWORK SECURITY AND 24*7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT) | 187 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite B156, Las Vegas, Nevada – 89119. | ——————– | He told me that my computer and other devices connected is in danger . He made me installed an software ISL_Light_Client and took over the display and mouse. | The session details are below. | ————— | Session code : 85515223 | User : [email& 160;protected] | E-mail : [email& 160;protected] | ————— | He showed me two websites as his company. | | | He started Terminal and showed me some Foren addresses. He said it is people from Brasil or somewhere. He said my laptop has virus, the name is Csomething (forgot name), and bucause of that hackers were able to connect my laptop. | He said They can steal my security information and he need to block them. | Then he told me to buy the following anti virus something. | ——————– | 2/3 Devices | 3 year standard plan (£499.99) | Key: | 4/5 Devices | 3 year plan (£649.99) | Key: | Above 5 Devices | 3 year standard plan (£699.99) | Key: | ——————– | I told it is too expensive. He said his manager would give me discount. | He said he need to work with me about 15 min then need to hand-over to second level engineer. | I told him that i will think about and call him later.

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