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Complaint: I would like to start by saying that I made this account only to report this company. I know complaining wont get my money back but I honestly just want to help someone out. In short, I was having some problems with my Mac computer. Just some basic functionality problems and viruses that I was not tech savy enough to deal with. I used LiveItResearch and paid the one time fee of 330$ CAD for some plan I didn’t need that covered me for 5 years and 5 divices. I know I over paid but I really didn’t care as I needed my computer for work. They went on to my computer and contolled it from thier end. They proceeded to try and fix my computer but did nothing, I mean it… Nothing. I then contacted apple who fixed my problem in less time for free. LiveItResearch has a refund policy, where if they don’t help the customer a refund may be granted. So, I emailed and they didn’t respond. Then, I called and was completly polite and told them my problem. They told me that they had fixed my problem and I was not eligable for a refund. They didn’t do anything but I figured it was my fault because I never should of contacted them. I then simply asked for a less expensive plan beacause when I went on their website there were cheaper plans and I don’t even have 5 devices. They told me “no”” and hung up the phone. I now can’t get ahold of them

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Address: almost as if my number is on a piece of paper for them not to pick up. Now im stuck with no refund and a 330$ plan that I can’t use because they wont answer my calls.”


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