Liv Plastic Surgeon – Unlicensed – Unqualified – Unprofessional

If any kind of plastic Surgery facility is offering a Groupon, run far away. These are the inexperienced places that do that and they put little care into their patients, at least this is what happened to me at Liv, and I am not the only one. These people are not experts first of all. I looked into them for Botox injections based on the Groupon I got and my friend was interested in their laser hair removal. The injections I got were uneven and made me look cheap. They did not last long either. My friend paid for a significant amount of laser hair removal, but it did not make the slightest difference. They told her it was going to take at least 7 more sessions to make the hair removal be effective. Total rip off. If you are going to do something to your body, pay full price and go to licensed doctors.

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