• Again, They do not live in Oldham County. They live in mountains. Your picture on the fake Terry Fowler Carpenter on fb makes you look childish. Most older women like yourself ( getting close to 70 ) dont act like a child. Grow up. ***** ***** is a place in South Dakota, United States.
    Liar! You dont know what the peephole is. Only Landlord Glenn Smith, Richard, Kristie and Terry know about the peephole! If Richard told you, you would not repeat it again. Seems the peephole is driving you crazy.
    Joan thinks that everyone who requests her on FB is Theresa. Theresa has her own FB and has blocked both Joan and Doris. She also has over 400 friends and family on it.
    That is why Doris is pissed off because she can not suspend Theresas account. Doris impersonates people and fools her people.
    No Kizz Kizz, your filthy mouth ew

  • Doris,
    Im sorry I tell lies about you. I am sorry about all the lies I told. I am compulsive lair.
    We do not live in South Dakota. We still live in little house in Lagrange.
    I wish you will give me a chance to prove you that I can be you good freind. You know I love you. Only I say the mean things because I am so jealous of you and Richard. I have no freinds. I only have the one FB.

By Anonymous

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