Liquor Control Board of Ontario [LCBO] Complaint


As always, I krinch when I enter the store and see him behind the counter. So unprofessional. On this day I went to purchase my items, he was the only check out, rushed, no politeness. My total was $35.10. Got out my $20.00 bills, laid them out in front of me, not given to him. The guy beside me in line stood on by shoe lace, looked down, my money was gone and he was asking me for 10 cents so he could give me a five dollar bill. In actually fact, I had $60.00 on the counter!!! As I was looking at my wallet and looking for my other $20, 00 bill, I was pushed off to the side and he was putting the next customer”s receipt in my bag? Went off to the side, did up my shoe lace, looked at my receipt and it said, cash $35.10.? So I got so flustered I left the store, trying to figure out what just happened? Told my husband when I got outside what just happened, but he didn”t know what I should do? Went home, because who would believe me? Really bothered me, and still bothering me, knowing that he took $20.00 from me. This was on Saturday at 2:39pm. So did not like the whole experience!

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