Lingosbox Grand Haven Michigan Review


I purchased a case for the iPhone 5c earlier in the month of May from this company. Almost a month later, I still haven’t recieved any emails from them aside from the one they first sent me, notifying me that the transaction had gone through. After getting a little miffed, I decided to do some research on this company and was shocked to find that this company is infamous for doing exactly what they did to me. Almost every person who has written a review for this company has gone through the same hassle that I have, and worse, it seems like almost everyone who has tried to file a dispute against this company to get their money back has had a really hard time trying to do so, due to the fact that this is apparently a foreign company that has found some loophole to avoid any reverse transactions. I wish I had read about this company before giving them any of my money, because now I am still case-less and incredibly angry.

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By Ronald

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