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I am so frustrated with that is makes no sense at all. I love to order from them because they have great product, but their customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever seen. Steven Rapp is a complete liar. I’m not sure if he is a Customer Service Supervisor or if he is the one that answers all complaints. I’ve ordered from them three times in the last year. Maybe I’m an idiot for ordering from them , but I love their prices. Each time, I’ve had an issues with my order and it is very hard to get the issue resolved. Here are the details below: 1. First time I ordered they sent me everything I order, but one wholesale bundle wasn’t in the box. I called them to see why and the response I received was that it was out of stock. No warning, no offer of a refund until I called. Then I was told the order was sent incomplete because they did not want to hold up my file. It took me opening up a PayPal case on them for me to get my money back from them. Their solution was to wait a few more weeks for my product, which I was not about to do. 2. Second order was beginning of January 2014. I order 4 different items in quantity of 6. Three of the items received were correct. The 4th item was totally different. Apparently, their Terms and Conditions, which you do not have to verify and confirm that you read before checking out states that they can substitute your item for a different (similar or better) item. Absolutely ridiculous. They sent me an ugly, black piece of lace lingerie. Defintely not similar or better to what I ordered. They were not open to me getting a refund for the item. I was finally able to speak with Becky who claims that she is VP of the company. After a little back a forth with her (although she was nice) I was finally able to get my money back (returned shipping costs) as well. 3. Third order was placed in mid-January. I called to check the status of my order and I was told that the item would ship on Tuesday (the next day). Steven told me this. Well, granted, I know Atlanta was shutdown because of an icestorm on Wednesday and Thursday, but this shouldn’t have mattered because my item was supposed to ship prior to all of this. I’m just frustrated with them because their customer service is horrible. They tell you lies about when their orders will ship just to get you off the phone and they make substitutions to your orders without your permission. I think if a product isn’t available, you can just decide what you want me to have. Craziness! really needs to step their game up. They offer great products at affordable prices, but the trouble you have to go through to get your times is not worth it!

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