Complaint: This company sent me a letter saying that owed them $33.90 for running a toll in Denver on july 6th 2014, this is the first that i’m hearing of this as wel,l oh and i wasn’t even in this state at the time they said it happened,i’m the sole owner of this car and there is 1 key in my possession 24 hours a day. when i called them they said that they sent me 6 letters never did i recieve anything from this scam,they could’nt even tell me where or what toll, they give the name of and when i contacted them they didn’t even know what i was refering too i gave them a reference number nothing i’m not in the system the number on the notice reverts backs to this bogus place….LINEBARGER GOGGAN BLAIR & SAMPSON,LLP when i called them they were laughing in the background as they were telling me to pay they emailed me pics of my car that looks like they were takin in my driveway… now the proof i have that they are a scam company… when i moved here years ago like 15 i got a toll ticket.. it had the exact date time and the toll i ran in the pic and the entire road from the state, that was a real ticket attached was a real website not a bogus one so everyone out there that recieves this bogus letter don’t even bother to call them my ticket was bogus i was not even close to this state at the time and i have pics and plane tickets and hotel reservations as proof… nice try if you ever send me another scam like this i will send this to the news and let them investigate you i’m sure this place is in someones garage, or mom’s basement STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE AND GET A d**n JOB… AGAIN LINEBARGER GOGGAN BLAIR & SAMPSON,LLP IS A SCAM DON’T SEND THEM A DIME. CALL THE NEWS LET’S GET THESE IDIOTS ARRESTED.

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: 1515 Cleveland place,suite 300 denver , Colorado USA


Phone: 1-877-678-3544

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By Ronald

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