Lindsey Quintanilla – Geary, Oklahoma Oklahoma


My husband and I had just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. When we came home from our trip we began fighting. I told him I thought it might be a good idea for him to stay with his mother for a few days. About two days later he picked me to take me out to lunch. I noticed he was on his phone most of our meal. I asked who he was talking to and he told me it was one of the guys. We get in the truck and begin to head back home. He pulled over to get some gas and left his phone in the pickup. The phone kept getting messages so I figured I would just respond for him. As I opened the text I see a full body naked photo is some girl. My blood ran pour cold as I had thought I was going to die. I quickly began to scroll up and take as many screen shots as I could and started sending them to my phone. When he got in the pickup he asked what I was doing. And I explained how my phone had died and I was just going to use his for a little. I hurried to send every text to myself. Not once did I say what I knew. I waited until we got home. The moment he put the truck in park I opened the door and told him to get his shit and leave. I told him how foolish he was and how I couldn’t believe it. Once he left I broke down. I texted his mother to let her know he wasn’t coming back here and she then blamed me and told me I didn’t love her son enough. It was all my fault. I shortly after filed for a divorce and this girl then came from her home which was four hours away from our home and stayed with him and his parents. The whole time we were going threw the divorce we continued to try to work it out and even tho he was with her he was still with me. Every morning he would sneak out and come over just to see me. The girl shortly after started texting me and telling me he never loved me. A few days later our town had it big rodeo. || Everyone was at the dance and at this point I didn’t know what the girl looked like in person. So I go out with my friends and I see my husband standing next to this low life trash, the girl stands about 5’2″ and was pregnant! I kept my calm and walked over to him and stuck my hand out for him to shake. As he shook my hand I told him congrats on the baby I hope your happy with her. He backed up and looked me up and down. Then asked if he knew me. I told him I was his wife and next time keep that whore out of public until we get divorced. I then walked away. The next day that girl wouldn’t stop messaging me and my friends. I told him to keep her under control because she had us both looking like fools. My husband still continued to be with me and I finally told him it’s me or her. He then dumped her and as of this moment we are still friends. I don’t know if my husband and I will get back together or not but I will say this. Lindsey Quintanilla (918) 926-0400 is a home wrecking skank. She wasn’t pregnant with my husbands child she was using him to buy her stuff. He felt sorry for her and was trying to be nice to her cause he didn’t know who the father was to her child. So when she seduced him she knew he was married she knew everything. She has broken our family and my marriage. And even to his day even though she has someone new she still texts me saying how I’m just a fat cow no one could ever love. I weight only 135 please tell me how no one will love me cause I fat. Really little girl. Ladies this girl has no age limit no looks limit clearly cause her current guy is 10 years old and is missing his front teeth. If he’s taken better watch it cause the men she goes for are already with someone.

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By Ronald

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