Lindsey M. Siefkin – Wichita, Kansas Kansas


Lindsey is a no good fake cheating th Thief that would steal the own shirt off her own dad if possible. On felony probation for identity theft of over $100k yes that’s right $100,000. Even stole over $11,000 from her sister and father. She was sleeping with 3 guys telling one she wanted to marry him and he even bought her a ring. She lied about probation all the way thru being faithful almost got ol boy thrown in jail because of her lies about probation. Even moved to another state to be with the one she said she wanted forever and loved Ed enough to marry. Axel Chacon was one pos screwing her and treating her like the whore he knew she was. She acts like she’s got money but only has a spending problem she can’t stop. She is a lieing cheating dirty scandalous POS that the world deserves to know about!!!!!! Dirty wh**e exposeure is what you deserve!!!!

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By Ronald

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