Lindsey LeAnn Rowland – Macon, Georgia Georgia


This piece of work and I HAD been friends since middle/high school. I was there for her when she cheated on her husband and he eventually divorced her. I should’ve known then! My husband and I have been going through a really tough time. We both confided in her when we needed someone to talk. She came over regularly for dinner. She even watch our 4 kids so we could have date nights. Three days ago I had the shock of my life. I discovered I could view my husband’s on the website by accident. Out of curiosity I clicked on their conversation. They had been talking a lot recently. She had been sending him nude pictures of herself and texting about what she was doing when she got out of the shower. There was much more and this was only in the past three months!! I do not know how long it has went on but it is over now. || My husband and I are currently in counseling and working on our marriage. He was feeling neglected because I was not able to talk to him much while we were both working. This sorry woman doesn’t even have a job!! She could talk when ever and for however long! She is in her 30s, divorced, living with her parents, and almost tore apart my family. What kind of person does that? Beware to all in the area. She has no morals and no respect for what is not hers!!

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By Ronald

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