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Another report similar to mine is already on the site, but I wanted people to be able to find reference to it based on the (intentionally?) misspelled version of the company name that appears on your credit card when Lillian Vernon enrolls buyers in their “reward”” program. nThe initial charge is for $1.95 and covers the first month in the rewards program. The biller’s name is listed as Lilian Vernon Rewards. It has an automatic renewal period once a month and your card is charged for $14.95. I called 800-434-2043 to investigate the charges and reached a company called Encore Marketing. The rep explained that we should have received a packet of information regarding the program and all of its “”benefits””. We didn’t. nI explained that we did not knowingly sign up for this program

never received material regarding our membership

and never used the membership. She was authorized to refund two months worth of charges. I had four

but I took the hit simply b/c it’s entirely possible that my wife signed up for this service without realizing it. Call it a “”naive”” tax. nMy resolution is simple

though. We will vote with our dollars and we will never buy from Lillian Vernon again. If you have been a victim of this situation

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