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I ordered $480 of merchandise from them about two month ago. I was wondering what was taking so long I emailed them for a tracking number; I did not get a response right away. On Thursday afternoon (December 4, 2014) all I got was a (auto-reply) which is when you emailed them and it automatic sends out a general reply from the computer. I call on December 5 2014 and left a message, no response. On Saturday December 6, 2014 I went on Instagram where they promote their product and I left a message under one of their picture and stated that I need a response asap because I am moving soon from that location on December 13, 2014. Then they responded with a smart answer and told me I need to email with this matter. I told the person I did, and that they need to get their company together if they want any business and be more professional. We went back and forth about the matter and assure me the items were on their way. On the following Friday I got all the items but they were not what I ordered. I emailed her on this pass Sunday December 14, 2014 (2 day after I received them) in the AM and I been emailing her (or the company) ever since then and its Wednesday December 16, 2014 (no response) I stated in the email that they sent me the wrong items and I would sent them back gladly to receive the correct items. They also blocked me on Instagram/Facebook and change the name of the company, that’s why I state this is a scam. The items they sent are so cheap and flimsy it was not worth the money at all. Please beware of this company because it is a scam. On their website it states it only received a refund/credit to the online website on 2 days after the customer received the items. I have trying to contact this person before the deadline. That should not matter because I was sent the wrong items. Coretta Robbins,IL

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