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LIGHT IN THE BOX is causing me headaches. I saw something on Shark Tank that I really wanted and found it on Light in the Box. I ordered on April 29, 2015, they processed my order and obtained my money via PayPal on May 3. Then after that nothing. I almost forgot about it, but then realized, hey!! Where’s my order. I finally hunted down their website to try to find my info, not easy. There is no contact info or phone number to reach anyone. In the short info I found on their website, I found they supposedly shipped it yesterday (May 29) … What! 3 weeks after I placed the order and they took my money. Then their site says I need to wait another 10-30 days (I think it was that long) … I just tried to find my account info again to be certain for this complaint, but now I can’t find it any more. This is ridiculous!!! No follow up with this company at all … oh, except the tons of constant email solicitations I keep receiving from them, sometimes 3 a day!! And I have tried to cancel and unsubscribe these annoying emails, to no avail. My inbox is teaming with unwanted emails from this company. I will never, ever use this company again!! And where is my order that I paid for!!????? Patricia ~ Unhappy in San Diego, CA

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