Lifestyle Lift Deltona Florida Review


Beware of the following when dealing with this company. They keep new clients away from those who have had the surgery and are there for followup exams. That is so information and personal experiences cannot be shared with new clients. Notice that practically everything is done verbally. There is very little written commuication. No paper trail to refer back to, no written history that yo have access to. Everything is left to memory, and they will always contridict you. I had the Lifestyle Lift done in Maitland Fl. I had trouble from the start. The drain tubes in my neck were left in too long and flesh started to grow around them holding them in place. They had to be surgically removed. One month after the surgery I was told by the surgeon that my chin and face had dropped and I had to be re-worked but it could not be done for several months. After ten months and several followup appointments, I went in for a scheduled appointment to find the surgeon who did the surgury on me was no longer there. I was examined by another surgeon who said I would need to have corrective surgery. He filed the necessary request to their corporate office and I was informed that to have the corrective sureury done it would cost me and additional $1.000.00 This is in addition to the $5,800.00 I had already paid. I had been told on several occasions that if additional work had to be done it would be at no charge.. They told me that I could travel to the previous surgeon’s new location to have it done at no charge but that location is a three hour drive each way from where I live. I do not trust the previous surgeon to do the corrective surgery. If it had been done right the first time, it would not have to be done over. I find their practices to be deceptive in nature. They are very elusive when asked questions. and prolong the process by telling you, “it will take more time to heal””. The answers to questions asked of them are undefinable. They are disingenuous in their claims

and I find their extortionist tactics unethical.”

151 South Hall Lane, Suite 325 Maitland, Florida USA


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