Libby Hancock – Deland, Florida Florida


Well I have to let the world know about this nasty sl*t my husband works with. Now that the truth has come out I have found out this little girl Libby has been sleeping with my husband for years. I can not classify her as a woman because shes far from it. But she does like to sleep with men twice her age. Libby likes to go out to cafe davinci and hook up with random men. But her most favorite type is married men who are in uniform. From what Ive been told she was once married to a officer at the same department my husband is at. They have 3 children together. Libby has such a fat mouth she doesn’t even know if all three of her kids are from the same guy. What are the odds, this homewrecker not only likes to sleep with married men, but also doesnt even know if her ex husband is the father to her children. Pretty sad if you ask me. All I have to say is if I find out either of those kids are from my husband I will own everything he has and some. She can have my dirt bag of a husband. It wont be long till he cant get it up anymore anyways. Plus hes not her only fuck buddy. Once a wh**e always a wh**e. Watch out for this girl before she wrecks your family. I’m sure that’s why shes not married now. She wrecked her own family.

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By Ronald

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