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My husband and I relocated to California for him to take a job as a police officer in San Francisco. The academy started On May 27th and Leticia Ortiz a fellow recruit started telling my husband he was cute and amazing eye candy and if we ever didn’t work out, she’d take him off the market. || I was getting ready to go on vacation to visit my parents and the two texted and called each other continuously the entire time even though she was aware that we were married and I’m currently 4 months pregnant. Of course my husband is to blame as well. || I sent all of the picture and emails to their supervisor and my husband resigned but she wasn’t fired. They were talking on snapchat and tiger text and as soon as I got back from vacation he cut her off. Apparently she didn’t take it well which is how I found out. I hope she gets fired and feels ashamed in front of all of her classmates.

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By Ronald

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