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I was dating a guy named Leo who was extremely abusive for 2 years to me and my 3 sons. He had started emailing a girl a year into our relationship. Her name is Kathy and he was messaging her for months back and forth before I finally found out about them. When I found out it was Feb 2013 and he denied it ever happening but I had the proof sitting right in front of me. This girl messaged me on facebook and tried to add me thinking that I would be friends with her while I knew they were seeing each other behind my back. I did everything in my power to try and get away from him several times but it was hard to do and I was so very afraid of him. He would pin me against a wall and make me stay there with his hand around my throat. He told me he wasn’t cheating on me and said that I was the one cheating on him because I would confide in my best friends who just happened to be guys that lived either 3 hours away or further. I am a good hearted woman even though I have been through so much with men. || His affairs never stopped I found out he is on Several dating sites and I still don’t know how far he ever went with any of the women he was meeting for pleasure. He one time told me he watches porn because I do not satisfy his needs which I caught him watching porn and jacking off with 2 of my sons in the room watching him. My sons now have to be in Intensive therapy because of this asshole. He went and seen Kathy and didn’t think I knew about him doing it. He is a low life that still lives with his Mommy and will never move out. Watch out for him ladies because he will cheat on you and he will abuse you and your children. || I have just one picture of this so called College student that is 34 years old and hacks my stuff just to get himself happy to try and ruin my life. I have been free of him for a year and he still stalks me on a daily basis. He has a girlfriend and now I see that he might be cheating on her as well. Considering he is getting other women saying Looking good babe on his profile on facebook as well as saying that they love him. Why is she not seeing him for who he really is. She was warned by a friend of mine that he is not the best person in the world. || I have since dated and now the relationship that I am in I am very happy but he is still out to destroy my life and my childrens lives. He is nothing but a cheating piece of crap and needs to be stopped or women need to be warned about him.

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By Ronald

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