Lena Renee Harmon – Never make a hoe a housewife Men


So this here is Lena Harmon and my husband..Her and my husband Alan Lee we’re “co-workers” long before I knew him. Well we got married in 2015 after we moved here from Alaska. He started “confiding” in her a year after that about problems we didn’t have….Well she has her very own family with husband and child and everything. Apparently he had to wait to tell me about the affair after returning from a trip down south when my best friend died. Wasn’t that kind of him???? So in April he told me about it…left that night and has already been cheated on repeatedly by this woman. Also…he snuck out of the house like a coward to see this SLore. She works at downtown pharmacy in Springfield Missouri…you should also just go thank her now….she’s probably slept with everyone. And get tested!!!

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By Ronald

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