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This women stole everything from me and my family. We were married 35 years. It all started when I noticed he was working late on Thursday night. I would ask him what he was doing and he would say he was packing shipment boxes late every Thursday. So I believed him. Then he told me when a boat show was coming up that his company was going to be there. My daughter called to see if he was telling the truth and found out that his company wasn’t going to be at the boat show. We confronted him but he made us feel bad and said that he was just going with the guys at work. So the lies continued. Then one day my daughter found this women on Facebook with my husband and other co workers at a football game he went to with the boys. I questioned him and he told me he thought I would get mad if she was there. Then I started to notice he was texting her and then deleting all text. I told him to stop and that it wasn’t normal but he keep on and we would fight all the time. || This went on for about a year because I never had solid proof. I deeply wanted to think he wouldn’t do this to our family and kids and grandkids. Then two days before Christmas I find a receipt from a flower company and he had written on the flowers he sent. Hey baby happy birthday love ya rich. I confronted him and he denied it at first but then admitted he was in love with this low down piece of you know what. I slapped his lying face and left him for good. Now my kids lives and my life has been forever changed. But we will be strong and enjoy our lives without him. Thanks for reading.

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By Ronald

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