Leah Colley Fort Wayne, Indiana Indiana


This bitch is about as worthless as they come. She stalked my soon to.be ex husband for months knowing he was married. When he left me for her I was civil and still let him come around to visit his 2 children with me. This nasty skank has 2 daughters she has never lived with because she would rather work at a strip club and and fuck anything that comes her way. When my children’s sperm donor finally came around to see his children (at a park at my request because I was not going to let them come near hear coke addicted pill popping self) she sat in the parking lot and then blew up his phone after 30 minutes and made him leave. After that, she kept him from his kids as much as she could, and proceeded to attempt to make them play dad to hers on the rare occasion she got them. || They got matching tattoos on our anniversary, and then she became pregnant with a child that (in her own words) may be his, as she had been fucking numerous people outside of him. This bitch uses men for their attention and money and doesn’t give a fuck if they have a family or not.

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By Ronald

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