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This chick came into mine and my husband of 4 years lives through a mutual friend of ours who happened to be dating her at the time. || When she first came over I did not mind her too much but I wasn’t oblivious that she was flirting with my husband. She took any opportunity she could to put her flat chest in his face but, I trusted him so I wasn’t worried. || After my husband and I separated in July I figured he would be sleeping with other women but, because we were separated, I tried to not let this bother me. It wasn’t until I realized my laptop was still logged into his Facebook that I began suspecting Leah.”Some young, hot blonde,” he kept telling all his friends. || After it was confirmed this blonde (albeit fake blonde) worked with him, I debated telling our mutual friend but because it was information I shouldn’t have been privy to in the first place, I was conflicted. || When my husband and I reconnected (due to having 2 children together) he admitted to me that he and Leah had been sleeping together. Our mutual friend has since broken up with her because she was sleeping with other guys besides my husband and even had an online dating profile. || I feel it’s important to warn other women and men in my city of this homewrecking whore who thinks her good looks and loose vagina can get her through life. Be warned!

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By Ronald

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