Leaffilter Gutter Protection Wharton TX Review


Started out great… Salesman came in and gave his pitch we were in board. Promised that our gutters were great and any problems like dents would be straightened out and that the gutters would be adjusted to the correct slope. They came to install while we weren’t home, one guy, not a crew so our gutters never got moved, there are gaps in the panels where he didn’t line them up and they’re wavy. Called them to come look and was given a window of 9-11 so I took off of work to stay at home and no one showed up. It happened to rain while I was home and water was pouring out of every corner. When u got to work they called and said that they went by and it was a great install and that they fixed the corners. I knew the install was terrible,I have pictures, and when I got home there were these 6 inch pieces that were painted green stuck into every corner. If these people come by grab your checkbook and run away. This is an absolute nightmare!!

1217 W Loop N Fwy #190 Houston, Texas United States


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By Ronald

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