RENTED A VEHICLE ON THE SEVENTH DAY, LOADED ALL THE NECESSARY ITEMS NEEDED TO TAKE A FIVE DAY TRIP, DROVE FOUR HOURS TO LAZY DAYS AND FOUND THE FOLLOWING. THE TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE GAUGE WASN’T WORKING, BAD GAUGE, AWNING RUSTED CLOSED AND NOT ABLE TO OPEN. THE GAUGE HAD TO BE ORDERED SO WE UNABLE TO PICK IT UP. TOLD SALESMAN AND MANAGER WE LONGER WERE GOING TO ACCEPT THE UNIT, TOLD TOO LATE BUT WE COULD TRADE IT IN AS THE LOAN APPLICATION HAD BEEN ACCEPTED AND I NOW HAD A PAYMENT DO AS THEY HAD ALREADY RECEIVED THEIR FUNDS FROM THE BANK. STATED WE WERE GOING TO CONTACT OUR ATTORNEY AS WELL AS THE BANKING COMMISSION AND WERE ADVISED THEY WOULD DO ALL THE NECESSARY REPAIRS AND DELIVERY THE UNIT THE FOLLOWING WEEK.UNIT WAS DELIVERED THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY BY A DRIVER AND PARKED IN MY SPACE AT MY HOME. TOOK THE UNIT OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME ON A WEEKEND TRIP, TRANSMISSION GAUGE DOESN’T WORK, THE DOME IN THE KITCHEN LEAKS AND THE GENERATOR BATTERY WAS DEAD AND NEEDED TO BE REPLACED. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR BUY A RV FROM ANOTHER DEALER WITH A GREAT REPUTATION!!! NOT LAZY DAYS PERIOD. Purchased a used diesel class C from Lazy Days RV in Tampa Florida on June 4, 2016. The time for the unit to be checked out and have any and all repairs needed to be three days. I gave the dealership another three days to be sure everything was in good order. We rented a van the following saturday, loaded it with all we needed to pickup the RV and take a three day trip, drove four hours to pickup the RV. We arrived at Lazy Days for delivery and found the following problems. The transmisson temperature gauge not working and the awning rusted in the closed position. The gauge needed to be ordered from a supplier so the unit was unable to be delivered. I then told the salesman and his manager we no longer wanted the unit and was told that they had already put the loan through and we could not cancel. They then informed me that we could trade the unit in for another unit, unbelievable! Being at a lost for words we were four hours away from home in a rented car that we were to drop off at the dealer we were told that they would complete the repairs, run it through there rain building to check for leaks and deliver it to our home when completed. We then drove the four hours home and waited for their call regarding delivery to our home. The following thursday we were informed that a new gauge had been installed and the unit was completely ready. The unit was delivered to us late that evening and parked at our home. The following day I decided to take the unit for a ride and found that the generator battery was stone dead, the new temperature gauge did not work, the kitchen vent had a water leak and the awning release lever was stuck. Please do yourself a favor do not buy from this dealer, there are reputable dealers all throughout the state of Florida and any money you think you are saving with this dealer will cost you considerably more after you receive it.


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