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Went to buy a recliner chair or small sofa. Purpose was for a person with physical limitations. Made a deal with the saleperson who had checked witht he owner on the delivery and other aspects. All of a sudden a person identifying themselves as the manager Pat Grace (sp?) with the same initials as the prior Ripoff Scams, came over and said the price would be $50 more on a purchase deal already made for $1200. The way the very very unpleasant manager PC explained her reason was very confusing even to someone with a Phd — that the price had been changed now that the last sale was over and they were offering a new discount — making it seem to us as though the prices had been raised for the sale and then changed after the sale, so that the sale that was $100 off was really only $50 the real price of the chair! It really sounded as though they are playing games with the stickered prices, and when we did the math on what she was saying and asked if they had changed the base price before and right after the sale — the manager said, “well


but…”” and stopped talking and blushed. Regardless

given the prior complaint

in addition to a bait and switch deal

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By Ronald

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