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Complaint: Did electrical work in November of 2012 for Hibbett Sports that contracted through 1Stop Maintenance. Call and call, they constantly state they are waiting for approval. I contacted Hibbett Sports and they paid a LONG time ago. Still they don’t pay. We didn’t lose much. I feel for those that have lost thousands of dollars. However, what they are doing is criminal. When they take business over and over and never pay, it is premeditated and illegal. This is the current number we have 866-626-8762 Maybe it is time to do something about this!! They need to be stopped. What they are doing is fraud! It is criminal! They should spend time in jail! I am contacting the Ohio District attorney. If enough people start to complain, justice can be done.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 2102 Hwy 64 Henderson, Texas United States of America



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