law office of cramer and anderson and hammertime construction winsted Connecticut


Complaint: Art weinshank knowingly and willingly hired s & & construction to illegally lead abate his the new milford town attorney’s office cramer and anderson without pulling proper notifications to the historic preservation society , town of new milford and illegally disposed of the lead waste in a 30 yard dumpster in farmington ct. While painting this building art weinshank was notified his side of the building were his personal office wall was rotted. After a engeieer gave him plans to rebuild and remove all the rotten wall studs hammertime construction advised art to toss in a few studs and reside it. Said building wall can collopase at anytime killing employees and people walking by. This all to cut corners and save money..

Tags: Environmental Violators

Address: 51 main st new Milford , Connecticut USA



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By Ronald

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