Lauren Zuver Vancouver, Washington Washington


This is Lauren Zuver. She is divorced, has deeeeep meth craters due to years of hard drug and alcohol abuse and she likes to come onto married men. It boosts her shattered self esteem to break up marriages. Her hobbies include nipple clamps, clit vibrators, pill popping, daily drinking and taking naked pictures of herself and spreading her legs for anything with a dick. I found out he was cheating due to the std he gave me that he contracted from her. Like she didn’t think he would know or find out??? I guess alcoholics like living in a fantasy world where they’re attractive and don’t think they’ll spread their stds…. || My husband- soon to be ex- and I were married for 16 years and this trashy crater faced w**** set her sights on my husband and didn’t stop til she ruined my family. My 11 year old daughter and I are devastated that her dad would hurt us in the worst possible way. This w**** also has 2 kids but only custody of 1 by default, the dad is a hard core meth user and running from his parole officer. Lauren so noble, told my husband that if I found out about her, she would take whatever I gave…. we’ll take this!!! Round 1!!!!

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By Ronald

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