Lauren Powers, Mary Johnston Lake Forest California Review


The so called ‘female’ Lauren Powers Body builder, model etc. is nothing of the sort. That person is nothing but another scam artist and now got caught manufacturing event tickets illegally, together with a printshop owner in Orange County, counterfeiting and selling event tickets to unsuspecting people. At the last event, the EMBASSY BALL in Irvine, CA, one of the largest professional ballroom dance events in the country, the event security – consisting of LAPD off duty Police Officers – nabbed Lauren Powers selling counterfit tickets and subsequent investigation determined that – together with a print shop owner named Mary Johnston – they have been doing this for many events in the area and nationwide for a long period of time. The case has been turned over to the US Secret Service and several formal complaints have been filed. The organizer of the ball Mr/ McDonald was outraged: “I am very disappointed in these persons

we have been supporting Lauren Powers’ desperate efforts to become a known celebrity for years only to find out that that person is nothing but a fraud and took advantage of our friendship just to defraud us for a few Dollars””. Lauren Powers has for years tried to become more than that person actually is. Appearing in a few commercials as a background person and promoting an image of a coming ‘star’

nothin could be farther from the truth. A scam artist with a very questionable history. This time though

prison time is certain.”

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