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I have been married to my husband for 13 years and we have 2 beautiful children. We live next door to his parents and are very close with both of our families. At the end of November he went to help his parents pack up his uncles belongings in Arizona after he passed away. My husband was very distant during the trip, but I believed it was due to losing his uncle. || While he was gone I looked at his Instragram page and noticed a few inappropriate comments from a girl named Lauren MIles. I questioned him about it and he asked if I wanted to do this over the phone? I asked him what over the phone? He then blurted out that he wanted a divorce. I was completely blindsided and confused. He came home the next day and he said that he met a girl on instragram 3 weeks earlier and he had feelings for her. He had met her in person once at McDonalds, of all places, and they talked about our relationship. She talked him into leaving his family since he wasn’t happy. He went back and forth with me for a few hours and then said he needed to go get a bite to eat and a beer. Well, he didn’t come home. I waited all night and messaged him…He was sleeping with her. || He came home the next morning and told me that he had been with her. I was so heartbroken. He had no emotion about hurting me. I begged him to get therapy with me, to try to save our family. Our children had only known a happy family home. He refused and left on a Monday morning before my children got up for school. || The picture I included is a picture that Lauren Miles posted the day my husband left my family, with #he’s mine underneath. She also tagged my husband in it, so my 12 year old son saw it. || They both continued to post pictures and comments on how she was so in love and I blocked it from my son’s phone. My husband became very angry towards me as if I was the one that cheated. He filed for divorce 4 days after leaving, sold our truck and was living with her and her 5 small children. My children were so confused. I tried to keep my feelings separate from my children’s. I didn’t want their relationship with their dad to suffer because of this. But my husband immediately began pushing his girlfriend on the kids. A week after he left he took them to dinner and told them all about her and her kids. He told my son that one of her 5 went to his school and they would all really enjoy hanging out together. My daughter was 6 at the time, and was so confused and hurt. My son came home after that dinner and started vomiting. He missed the next day of school. I got both my children into therapy and my son has been diagnosed with acute anxiety and depression. For months I would have to help him out of bed in the morning and help him get dressed. || Since he left right before Christmas, my children and I were devastated and it was very difficult to continue on. They had their first sleep over with him Christmas day, since he went out and rented a condo. He took our daughter to meet his girlfriend the day after Christmas. They kissed in front of her and he told my daughter that she can tell me everything that he did because he is his own man. My daughter had nightmares that he would kill me with a gun and that she would have to shoot him and then herself to be with me. This is not okay for a 6 year old to have these horrible fears. But his behavior and anger is so unstable and unpredictable, that even a child of her age can feel it. He told my son that if he didn’t want to know them that they could cut ties. I can’t describe the pain that my children have been going through. || Well a month after he left he quit his job that he had for over 10 years and started working for a friend in his mechanic shop in Simi. But he lost the children’s medical and now was making $11 less an hour. Which didn’t surprise me since he worked for this friend under the table on Mondays the whole previous year. Now he was trying to avoid paying child support. I had to use local resources for my children to continue therapy. It has been a financial struggle, but I know it is necessary. || Let me tell you, over the past 4 months the two of them have done so many horrible things. They hacked into my Facebook messenger account to obtain my private conversations and they used the information against me in so many ways. Lauren Miles filed 5 restraining orders against me, my mom, my sister, my 16 year old niece, and my 20 year old niece whom is in the Middle East on a ship in the Navy. When I received the papers for the orders they were copies of my private conversations through messenger. My niece in the Navy was so upset when she heard that her uncle had an affair. This was a man she thought of as her father…he being the one that encouraged her to go into the Navy. When I told her a watered down version of what had happened, she replied, who is she, I’ll kill her!. This being out of pain, confusion and isolation. Well they used that to say she made a death threat. They even called NCIS and made a formal complaint. The order against me was ridiculous, I had never seen her or had any kind of communication with her. My mom did see her at a 7-11 and asked if she was the one that liked to steal husbands. But that was not a threat. They are crazy! || My husband served me with these papers, 2 days after I received texts from him asking me If all women hated mechanic? (obviously they had a fight). He told me that he needed help and I told him to go to therapy. He said he would do anything to be in the kids lives and get back on my good side. Then he served me and my family members (except my niece he couldn’t contact since she is on the other side of the world) with papers. We went to court, I paid my lawyer…and they didn’t show up. || I’m in the middle of the biggest fight of my life. He went for 50/50 custody and he got it. Since she is advising him on all his legal and family matters, she told him this was the only way that he wouldn’t have to pay child support. The mediator was changed at the last minute and she didn’t read all of the information I brought. She just wanted to get us out of there. I just want my children to be in a safe, secure place. I don’t think their dad is very stable right now. His parents will be testifying on my behalf at our next hearing. I run a non-profit preschool program and have no money left to fight. I will be in debt for the rest of my life. But he is not the man I have known for the last 14 years. || This women has a history of doing this to families and in my opinion is an evil person. She cheated on her husband for the 14 years they were married with many different men. She uses her own children to manipulate him and his new wife. She is all about money. But I know in my heart someone like that can’t stop herself from repeating her discretions. She will cheat on my husband and he will be all alone. He has no friends or family left. There is so much more to this story and I can’t believe it has only been 4 months…Please keep my children in your thoughts and prayers. He gets them for 5 days starting tomorrow. I’m so nervous and anxious. He had them for 1 afternoon last week and he dropped my daughter off with his girlfriend (since now they just buy her toys and ice cream when they see her, so she doesn’t mind seeing Lauren), and he took my son to his work and had him watch him work for hours. This being the first time he had spoken to him in over a month. He didn’t try to talk to him about all the crap he did the previous month to him. That is a whole other story…

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