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I’ve been with my husband for 14 years now and married for 4. When we had our first baby 4 years ago we decided that I would stay home to raise him until he reached the age to go to school. I then got pregnant again in July of 2014. In March I delivered a beautiful baby boy. || About 3 weeks after I brought him home I noticed a huge change in my husbands attitude. We had absolutely no problems prior to this. It was your normal low key marriage. After I confronted him he told me he felt different about me. I then found out he had been disloyal and unfaithful. Laura Ozzimo is a nurse with 2 kids herself. What a disgrace to call herself a nurse and a mother who knew that my husband was married with a toddler and newborn at home. Not only do her actions affect me, they had an effect on my boys. || As a mother she should know this but apparently she is a homewrecker with no knowledge of a true family.

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By Ronald

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