Laura Ontario – Rosemead, California California


This is Laura Ontario from Rosemead Ca. She been cheating with my best friends husband for quite some time now. My best friend has been with her husband 25 years and have 2 beautiful children and has invested a lot of time, energy, sweat and tears to just let this homewrecking whore think she can come in and take whats not her’s! Laura has harassed my best friend and her children to the point of having to put a restraining order against her! Laura has gone to the children’s school, games, and Facebook page to harass them and the children are minors. My best friend has KICKED her husband out of the house and has tried to leave him but he always come back begging saying he’s sorry and that he will never be with that fat PIG again! But Laura can’t seem to close her legs and stop calling him. So that bastard keeps going back! I been talking to my best friend and telling her to leave this S.O.B. and from the look of it she pretty much done with the ASS WHOLE! But I still want to post LAURA ONTARIO PICTURES so that everyone can see what a [email protected]#$ whore she is and for other women to be careful of LAURA ONTARIO FROM ROSEMEAD CA. because she love’s to sleep with married men!

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By Ronald

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