Laura Lash Plant City, Florida Florida


This whore has had the cops come out to her place several times. She got the number of my husband who had responded to one of the calls. She then started calling him to give updates to her situation. The idiot then started calling the whore back and forth. || I found a bill where this whores number was all over it. It was right after my husband and I had a disagreement. Shortly after that I saw the phone bill, one of my social media pages got hacked. She had taken my profile pic along with a pic with my kids and her phone number and started taunting me to call the phone number. I didn’t call the number until I had put two and two together that it was the same person. I called and she would call my phone consistently disguising her voice telling me where I lived, where my husband worked, etc.. || Long story short, he wanted to end it and told her. She got mad and called his job and in the end they were preparing to fire him. I hope this greasy, trailer trash chick who lives in the ghetto gets every bit of what she deserves. His life is not what it was with every part of the blame to be on him also!

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By Ronald

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