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My husband began seeing this woman during a trial separation in our marriage. He had been begging to come home but I thought we should have counseling first. That jerk actually took my 17 year old daughter (step child) out to coffee to tell her he was going to date someone but not to tell me. As we all know, there is no such thing as a real secret and I found out independently. I filed for divorce and he actually moved in with her but then he decided he wanted to come home so he left her and because of my religious beliefs, I decided I should try hard to make the marriage work and so home he came. (I know, I am an idiot.) When she found out, she actually had the nerve to ask him if I (the wife) were trying to start a war with her…like she had any real claim other than waving her fanny in front of his face. We spent 9 months reconciled but they started up secretly again (so much for honoring religious beliefs), with him lying to me all the while. He even had a hit and run in my MOTHER’S car he had taken to see her in front of this whore’s house and tried to tell me it was just coincidence he had been driving by….but I thought to myself, if that was so, then why did he run? The police chased him down and he had to confess. I was suspicious then and started to investigate. || Sure enough…he soon told me he wasn’t happy but when I accused him of the affair, he lied against and said he just needed to be alone. I guess that’s why he moved in with her the night after the morning our divorce was final two days before my mother’s funeral. I could excuse her the first time…she was a victim of lies he told, too. But the second time, she worked her ass off to get him back and knew darn good and well what she was doing to our family. Mine is not the first family she has ruined. This trashy little aging burlesque dancer (I am not kidding…she really is a burlesque dancer) has stolen other women’s husbands and makes a habit of moving in with them and ruining families. I would never do anything to harm her in anyway physically but I can certainly pray that she will burn in hell, the home-wrecking whore. In the pictures below, she’s the redhead on the left while that’s my husband on the right…stupid idiots posing for public pictures and then posting them online where I could find them. Btw, I figured I should point out which was Laura and which was my husband since you might think the red head on the left was him in drag. Lol

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