Latoya Wildman – Hide your husbands. Georgia


We’re not going to assume this is all her fault. But, it takes two to tango. This skank knowingly pursued a married man at a mutual place of employment. What’s supposed to be a safe haven, a sanctuary for the elderly, is actually a sanctuary for drugs, infidelity and run of the mill slores. Some healthcare facility for your loved ones. My friend and her husband have 2 small children. They had been together for more then a decade. She didn’t care about his wife or his children. She was jealous, jealous of his wife. if you can fathom that. There were constant phone calls exchanged for over 8 months. We’re talking hours and hours of conversations everyday. She was said to have asked if he liked to eat pu55y and a55 and when he responded with yes, because hey, he is a piece of sh1t too, she then blatantly asked him to have sex. One could never know what followed because they both made a mutual agreement on what was hushed. He told his wife if he went into work in a seemingly good mood his side chick would grimace and ask why the hell was he in a good mood.. because she thought he was “faithful” to her. She spent time in his office and were even caught together in the family car. That’s how all this came out. Another co worker contacted the wife. She is a ratchet, ghetto trash bag who only wants what she wants. She also has a daughter, who let’s hope she grows up to be nothing like her slore of a mother. So lock your husband’s up. This skanks dirty stank pu55y is just a purring for him. (She also likes women, or so I’ve heard. But it sounds more like a cover-up when she gets caught fuking with married men)

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By Ronald

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